Rendering LaTeX in Twitch Chat

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$\LaTeX$ in Twitch Chat

A simple Chrome extension to render and copy $\LaTeX$ in Twitch Chat messages. Some functions via commands, ex: plotting a function, draw graphs, matrix calculation, etc.

Firefox users may check here.

I’m from Taiwan, sorry for my poor English. You may check my Twitch channel to see the live demo.




  1. Download the release branch as a zip and decompress it to a folder.

    下載 release branch 成 .zip 檔案,並解壓縮。

  2. In your Chrome URL, type chrome://extensions/, it’ll lead you to the extensions management page.

    在 Chrome URL 中輸入 chrome://extensions/,進入延伸套件管理頁面。

  3. Turn on the Developer Mode with the toggle on the top right corner of the page.

    開啟右上角 開發人員模式

  4. Click on Load unpacked button and choose the decompressed directory.


Usage in Twitch Chat Room

Inline Mode

This is inline $\LaTeX$.

This is inline $\LaTeX$.

Display Mode

This is display style: $$\LaTeX$$

This is display style:



Click on the rendered $\LaTeX$ and copy it (Cmd/Ctrl + C), the original $\LaTeX$ would be copied to the clipboard.


Help for the commands list



Show the error in ur tex string.

!tex \LaTeX

Cheat Sheet

Most used often $\LaTeX$ symbols



Beautify and highlight the source code.

!code function hello() { console.log("hello world") }


!html <html><body><h1>Hello World</h1></body></html>


!css body { background-color: #666666 }

Show and highlight the uploaded code(by hash) in the original format.

!pre #hash of the uploaded code#

Plot and Graph

Plotting simple functions.

!plot x + cos(x) - sin(x)

Draw graph and directed graph.

!graph {1--2--3}
!graph -i {1--2--3} // inverse order, bottom up.
!digraph {1->2,3->6}
!digraph -i {1->2,3->6} // inverse order, bottom up.
!dot digraph {a->b->c}

check for more examples.


Present a Matrix

!matrix [a,b,c; d,e,f]

Do Gauss elimination.

!gauss [1,2,3; 4,5,6]

Math Calculator

Calculate the math for you.

!mc m = [1,2; 3,4]
!mc m^2
!mc 128^3
!mc inv(m)
!mc det(m)
!mc clear

check for more usages.


Speak the words in the specified language.

!say hello

Stop the speech right away.


Search on Wikipedia.

!wiki Taiwan

SageMath (Experimental)

SageMath cell is kind of heavey and only supported in experimental mode now. You may enable it by changing the isExperimental() return value to true.

!sage Prosets.DivisorLattice(30)

check for more usages.